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reflections on running


On a warm sunny day, I run
through sun filled valley,
bathed in the healing glow of Ranginui,
ancestral Sky Father.

In a southerly storm I run the hills:
gale rain lashed, Thunder growled,
Lightning flash-warned;
at play with Tawhirimatea, ancestral cousin,
God of the Winds.

I run the sea shore
serene in calm stillness,
powerful in mighty display;
in all the moods of Tangaroa,
Cousin God of the Oceans.

I run with all the children
of Tane, procreator of humankind
God of the mighty forests,
ancestral shelter, provider.

My feet caress the soft gentle skin
of Papatuanuku, Earth Mother;
and I am enfolded by Her,
in love.

I run in an Inner World,
led there by Tane-te-wananga;
he who ascended the upper realms
to Tikitiki-o-rangi the Uppermost,
gained there for all mankind
three baskets of knowledge
from Io-Matua,
Parent of all that there is
in this and in every realm.

I run with Maui-tikitiki-a-Taranga,
Trickster Shaman.
We play, adventure, seek challenge;
pit ourselves against ourselves,
and all who would play with us.
With Maui I laugh at the World.

I run the hills and valleys and shores
where once the Earthly ancestors ran,
bathed in the spiritual fire
that once bathed them;
and still does.

I run from Te Korekore, Potential,
Womb of all Creation
whence Universe birthed itself,
through Te Po, long darkness of Unfolding,
to Te Whai-ao, first glimmer of dawn,
into Te Ao Marama, bright light of day;
Universe revealed.

I discover the Universe
of Io-Matua-Kore the Parentless
And I discover myself.

© Ross Nepia Himona


A Dream for Mataariki: Maori New Year

Last night I dreamt about you,
you said, from the dark,
and in an instant
smouldering embers
that once blazed fiercely,
flickered again into life
from beneath the ashes
of parted time,
at Mataariki.

Pleiades rises over dawn’s horizon,
heralds new seasons for an old world,
new life and new beginnings; a time
of dreaming and remembrance,
lamentation and celebration,
festivity and feasting: So does
my heart rise above the eternal sadness
of life, and sings again with joy,
at Mataariki.

© Ross Nepia Himona