Intelligence, Security & Op 8

The Spooks & Maori: Operation 8

The Spooks and Maori – a brief history
Operation Leaf

Operation 8: Preface to an Analysis of a Police Intelligence Operation
Operation 8: Introduction to a Police Intelligence failure (coming)
Operation 8: The police raid at Parnell that was stopped in the High Court
Operation 8: The incompetence of police intelligence
Operation 8: The NZ Police Intelligence “Analysts”
Operation 8: Understanding the intelligence process
Operation 8: The exclusion of Maori police officers. Was it racism?
Operation 8: Intelligence analysis is an intellectual activity
Operation 8: unreasonable, improper, unlawful, illegal, dishonest
Operation 8: Weaving the police “terrorism” narrative
Operation 8: The evidence and police spying methods
Operation 8: The Possibility Space – an exploration
Operation 8: Film review – The Price of Peace, Portrait of Taame Iti
Operation 8: Video Review – Taame Iti, Mana the power in knowing who you are
Operation 8: The Probability Space – Part 1 (they knew they were under surveillance)
Operation 8: The Probability Space – Part 2 (the video evidence)
Operation 8: The Probability Space – Part 2A (extract of evidence)
Operation 8: The Probability Space – Part 3 (Ngai Tuhoe and their firearms)
Operation 8: The Probability Space – Part 4 (was there a Plan B for an armed uprising)
Operation 8: The Probability Space – Part 5 (unravelling the paradox)
Operation 8: Tuhoe Lambert – Lead Scout
Operation 8: Police Informants – Unmasking a Nark
Operation 8: The Paramilitary Assault on 15th October 2007 (Operation Hi Ho Silver – Cowboys in black fancy dress)
Operation8: Rangi Kemara Remembers “15 October 2007, the day the raids came”
Operation 8: A failure of command at the highest level in the NZ Police
Operation 8: The four year battle in the courts
Operation 8: The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Yeah right!
Operation 8: The trial of the “Urewera Four” (coming)
Operation 8: Commissioner Marshall at the Select Committee
Operation 8: Human Rights Commission Report
Operation 8: Epilogue – a Question in Parliament
The Urewera 17: Weekend Warriors or Tearaway Terrorists by Waitai Rakete

Other Spook Stuff

The NZ Constitutional Review
Let’s Talk Democracy
Sun Tzu on the Use of Spies (c.2,500BC)
Link: Te Putatara 15th May 2000: An early warning about police surveillance
Link: A 1998 study on NZ Police racism

Spooks, Terrorism & Surveillance

Surveillance State: The GSCB Bill
Jon Stephenson, the NZ Defence Force & journalists rights in a warzone
Terrorism, a grownup threat analysis in the NZ context
Operation Leaf