A Longhouse in Borneo

Day Whatever + 8.


There were 14 people queued outside the Four Square, a dozen more than usual, and some of them metrically challenged. I didn’t bother to count the cars at New World. There were well over 100, and the queue was over 100 metres. This contradicts my earlier unfounded conclusions but there is a confounding factor.

It must be benefit day. I think I read earlier this week that the government was bringing the payments forward because of the Easter staycation. I made the mistake, soon after I arrived in Dannevirke, of doing my grocery shopping on benefit day. Vowed never again.

I’m off to the hospital this morning to get my influenza vaccination. We’re supposed to queue in our cars outside the hospital and drive into the carport at the front entrance to get jabbed through the car window. I told the receptionist it would be quicker for me to walk than to get the car out of the garage. She said that would be OK and I could stand in the car queue.

I’m thinking I’ll pretend I’m a car just to see how the nurses react. I’m off shortly.

Bye for now then.

But before I go. On Day Whatever¬†Robin Payne¬†commented that she was “still waiting for all the chapters on Borneo”. So this is a bit of memoir I wrote a few years ago about my time in Borneo in 1966. It’s quite a bit longer than these daily musings. But you might find it interesting.

A Longhouse in Borneo

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