Coronavirus Chronicles

These are the random musings of a septuagenarian isolated in a Bubble of One, developing a touch of OCD about hand washing, and avoiding cabin fever by amusing himself by doing what he does best, collecting random thoughts into some sort of narrative that sometimes make sense, and are sometimes just random thoughts.

They are being published on my timeline on Facebook (Ross N Himona) and seem to have developed an audience. It was sometimes said in my Army days about certain officers that their men would follow them anyuwhere – out of curiosity. 

So for the curious the musings and ramblings are republished here in Te Putatara.

1 April 2020 – Power Walking the Lockdown With Galloping Gertie

2 April 2020 – Advice from my Grandmother About Coronavirus Bullshit

3 April 2020 – Healthy Lungs, Healthy Hearts and Kapahaka

4 April 2020 – Coronavirus and Street Sign Vandalism